Membership Criteria 

Lewes Community Land Trust is an open membership, not for profit organisation registered as a Community Benefit Society (CBS). Anyone aged over 18 who lives or works within Lewes Parish can join. Stakeholder organisations based or working in Lewes are also eligible to join and nominate a representative to attend Board meetings. These may include local authorities, housing associations, voluntary sector or other local stakeholder groups as agreed by the Board. Life Membership for individuals costs £ 1 or £ 10 for stakeholder groups which buys a single non transferrable or refundable share in the company. All members can vote at General Meetings and apply to be a member of the Board.


Lewes CLT is a not for profit organisation which will provide and manage housing for the benefit of the community. The CLT can also carry out other activities to benefit the community within Lewes Parish such as a community business, energy supplier or other similar ventures for the benefit of the community. Any surplus from activities will be applied to furthering the CLT objects and not transferred by way of profit to members.

Annual/General Meetings 

The CLT shall hold its Annual General Meeting within six months of the end of the financial year giving 14 days notice to members.


The meeting will include:

Annual Report

Accounts and Auditors Report

Election of Board Members 

The quorum for General Meetings is 10% of the membership with a minimum number of 5 and a maximum of 24. Special General Meetings can be organised during the course of the year either by the Board or on the request of one tenth of the membership for a particular matter to be discussed. Voting at General Meetings can be by a show of hands or ballot if requested, with members able to nominate a proxy to vote on their behalf up to 2 days prior to the meeting. In the event of a tied vote at either a General or Board Meeting, the Chair of the meeting can exercise an additional casting vote.

Share Issues 

The Board may issue shares or bonds for fund raising purposes on agreed terms. Interest may be paid on any shares issued. Shareholders may withdraw their investment on terms set by the CLT. Shareholdings can also be transferred on death in accordance with the CBS rules or terms of probate as required.

Amendments to Rules

Any future amendments to the CLT rules will require the agreement of at least two thirds of the Board and subsequently CLT members before submission to the Registrar.

The Board 

The Board will direct the affairs of the CLT in accordance with its objects and rules. It has a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12 members including co-optees. The Board sets the election procedure and selection criteria for Board Members. 

Board Members are appointed for a term of three years after which they stand down and can apply for re-election. Other than co-optees they must be CLT members. 

Board members must stand down for a minimum of 3 years after serving 9 consecutive years on the Board. The Board will be made up of CLT members elected at the AGM inclusive of a maximum of 2 corporate members, with a maximum of 3 additional co-optees in order to ensure that the Board has the skills, local knowledge and experience required to deliver the CLT’s objects. The co-optees cannot vote on the election of CLT Officers or any matters directly affecting members. Board Members are automatically reappointed or elected if there are less than the maximum number of nominees. 

The Board elects its Chair, Secretary and other officers annually as required whilst any vacancies can be filled pending election at next AGM/General Meeting. The quorum for Board Meetings will be 3 Board Members. Any Board vacancies during the course of the year can be filled by co-optees pending election at the next General Meeting. The Board may advertise for applicants for any vacancies at any point during the year or immediately prior to the AGM. Board Membership will cease on missing three consecutive meetings without leave of absence or any breach of CLT tenancy or lease conditions or for misconduct where approved by the two thirds of the Board or a majority at a General Meeting. The Board must meet on at least three occasions per year and can also set up subcommittees as required. These must include at least one board member. 

Board Membership and Elections 

The Board will maintain a skills matrix against which to assess applications for Board Membership. Any applicants must be interviewed by a minimum of three Board Members before becoming eligible to stand for Board membership, in order to ensure that they have the skills, local knowledge and experience required. Members standing for election at the 2019 AGM and thereafter would be nominated by five existing members and submit a written statement which will be circulated to members with the meeting papers. Where there are more applications than vacancies for Board Members, an election will be held which can be either by a show of hands or secret ballot. The Board will elect its officers as necessary for effective operation at the first Board Meeting after its AGM. Future applicants for the Chair and Secretary roles will be required to meet the role descriptions for these positions and may be subjected to an interview process by Board Members.

Initial Board Arrangements 

In order to ensure continuity in the initial setup whilst enabling the Board to be refreshed and open to nominations from CLT members, the longest standing third of the initial board will stand down in 2019 and thereafter in 2020 and 2021. These initial Board members will all be eligible to stand again for election for two consecutive terms of up to six years in total. 

Registered  Address: 

5 Toronto Terrace, Lewes BN7 2DU

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Lewes Community Land Trust is registered in England and Wales.

Community Benefit Society No 7828.